So,  I started a blog called a couple of years ago when I expected that the only way I would be able to apply my 3D skills was with my existing market of doll collectors.   So in the fall of 2013,  this self-taught modeler went back to school.  Today, I was confirmed that my graduation was effective last friday.   This has opened up whole other worlds for me to be able to express myself, so the blog is back to being about my observations and things I want to share.

I’d like to thank Marc Tucker for answering my emails as Dept. Chair before I was ever a student.  Without that responsiveness, I would never have even considered it.

I’d also like to thank Alain Tremblay of Integrity Toys for repeatedly taking the risk of showing new technologies at their events.  I could never have gathered those audiences in those venues on my own, and I appreciate being entrusted with a brand that took 20 years to build.  Thank you.

I’d like to thank my Mother for putting art books in front of me as a child instead of TV.

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